Parallel Planes of Tormented Existence

by Intervoid



Demo version of the song from the "Jesus Christ, How Horrifying" split EP.


Pensive festering, incapable
Wandering without purpose

Visions of misery, I'm locked in its grip
No exits, developed permanence

Inheriting the pain, I'm lost I'm lost I'm lost
I wish not to be found

By what creatures lair I may invade
Why with what fortune and curses I consume
Spiritual hex as the portent of my sentence
Spiritual hex as the portent of my sentence

Of all of my worlds knowledge
Passages and instinct of shadows
I find nowhere to cower

Weeping, insidious

Now with my frail hands I claw at the soil
Bloodied fingers serve no delay
No understanding of my own intentions

Something hums below me
A beckoning

With every heaving pulse of the world
A sighting of the ominous cloaked smog
A shepard, coalesced ruination infinite
A shepard, coalesced ruination infinite

My skies guide without direction
The venom palpable on my tongue
Comprehension is impossible

Why me?

Parallel planes, rapturous duality
A wilting garden exception to verity

Lone thoughts
Weigh down
No hope

Breath flows
Now I
Pass on


Vocals/Lyrics - Ricky Lewis
Guitars - Sam Vang
Bass - Matt Snyder
Drum sequencing - Ricky Lewis



all rights reserved


Intervoid Ohio

There's no justice like the end of the world.

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